Cheese, cold meat and hams dryers

Industrial drying rooms

Cheese, cold meat and hams drying process is essential to guarantee the right product maturation.

For all of this, at Bernad® Refrigeration we offer drying rooms adaptating the adecuate temperature, relative humidity and air movement control for this kind of products.

Ham drying rooms

There are two essential factors for the ham maturation process: temperature and relative humidity. At these conditions we obtain the right maduration point of hams before taking them into the larder.

In the dryers, hams remain in two different conditions: first, once they are pre-salty, marked and larded, they remain for a period of 40 days at a temperature between 0ºC and 6ºC and relative humidity between 70% and 95%.

Afterwards drying starts with a period of about 110 days when hams stay between 6ºC and 34ºC with a relative humidity between 60% and 80%.

These drying and stand periods in dryers are essential for the cured and maturation process to avoid the microorganism proliferation but also for the typical taste and smell of the good cured ham.

At Bernad® Refrigeration we offer ham dryers that comply with the standards for the right ham drying process, offering solutions adapted to our clients necessities.

Cold meat drying rooms

For cold meat, same as for ham drying, it is essential to control the relative humidity and temperature.

Drying times here depends on the cold meat type to dry, remaining at 12ºC temperature and 60% relative humidity.

Bernad® Refrigeration also offer cold meat dryers for the right sausage, chorizo, and other similar products maturation, offering always the best service for the cold meat company necessities.

Cheese drying rooms

Cheese requires optimal control conditions to obtain a particular smell, texture, color and taste.

Our cheese dryers allow not only the product maturation in the best conditions, but also energy savings during the process.

Besides, these industrial coolant solutions for the cheese industries require a minimum maintenance for the correct functioning.

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