Ammonia Cooling Systems

Ammonia Cold Rooms

Ammonia cooling is a very economical method with a great cooling performance. In addition, ammonia is a natural refrigerant , that is, it is environmentally friendly.


Ammonia as a refrigerant has been used since the mid-twentieth century to cool meat, fish, …


It is one of the most used refrigerants due to its thermodynamic properties. Currently its use is higher due to the new regulation on fluorinated gases in industrial cooling.

Ammonia or NH3 (R-717) is composed of nitrogen and hydrogen. Its smell is very strong and penetrating and we can find it in nature or artificially.
In the cooling and freezing sector we find the ammonia as anhydrous ammonia, that is, without almost any water (pure 99%).Thus, we achieve temperatures up to -70ºC
In the ammonia cooling process, a compressor condenses the gas and eliminates the heat.
The benefits of ammonia are very numerous, among them we can mention that, as an ecological refrigerant , it is not polluting
Its performance is superior to other refrigerants, therefore, its energy consumption is lower.
Its cost is lower too which translates into better prices of refrigerated products and therefore interesting economic savings.

There is no doubt that cooling rooms with ammonia as a refrigerant are a more profitable and sustainable alternative.

At Bernad Refrigeración, our experience of more than thirty years dedicated to industrial cooling makes us qualified installers of refrigeration facilities with ammonia.

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