Glycol Cooling Systems

Glycol Cold Rooms

Glycol (ethylene glycol) is an antifreeze substance for water. There are different types but the one we use for industrial cooling is monoprpylenglycol USP.  It is a transparent, slightly thick antifreeze chemical compound that is harmless for the environment and reduces the risk for leakage, besides being completely compatible with the food industry.


Glycol cooling responds to environmental demands and more stringent energy savings. It consists of using water with glycol as a secondary fluid and thus obtain a minimum load of refrigerants either fluorinated gases (R-404ª, R-134a, R410a, …), natural (R717, CO2, …), HFO type, …



Nowadays using glycol water is increasingly common as an indirect refrigeration system.

In these systems the heat exchanger passes the cold generated to a glycol water fluid. It is pumped by a circulation pump to the air coolers of the room.
The main advantage is the minimum amount of refrigerant that is used. Also it is environmentally friendly and operates with minimum temperature oscillations.

In this way, Bernad® reinforces its commitment to the environment and the implementation of energy saving systems in all our facilities.

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