How to preserve frozen products


One of the most difficult things for the food industry is to eliminate and control bacterial activity in food, so one of the most efficient system is to freeze food.


Freezing is based on food water solidification, doing so all enzymatic and bacterial process stop.


Freezing speed is an important value in order to get a high quality product, and freezing time depends on the food characteristics.


The size of the product is important on freezing speed and ice distribution,  small pieces implies a higher freezing speed inside and outside, so we will damage less the product.


  • By air: a cold air current removes heat from the product until reaching the desired temperature.
  • By contact: a cold surface removes heat from the product.
  • Cryogenic: using cryogenic fluids, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, to substitute cold air to get an instant freezing effect.


To avoid frost inside the frozen room it is essential to control humidity.

Quality of the product shall highly depend on the freezing speed.

Pay special attention to burns because of cold, it causes product leak.