Aereal tracks for meat transportation

At Bernad® Refrigeration, we offer aerial twin track rail solutions for slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, sausage factories and other companies in the meat industry. We offer a wide range of solutions: from the manufacture of industrial refrigeration equipments to the installation and maintenance of the same; manufacturing and assembly of twin track rail systems for storage of meat at slaughterhouses, cutting plants, sausage factories, …

Our twin track rail storage system guarantees a correct movement of the carcasses, facilitating the work to staff thanks to the smooth and safe movement of the trolleys along the tracks.

The Bernad® aereal twin track rail meets the highest quality standards.

There are several options that are specially designed to facilitate the handling of parts  in the meat industry:

  • Twin track rail, an air transport of meat that allows work in a more comfortable and simple way.
  • Stainless steel meat gambrels: fixed rectangular gambrels, round or rectangular folding gambrels.
  • Extensible arms and loading arms that allow to manipulate loads and save storage space

Ask for a quotation without commitment and we will offer you the perfect solution to your needs!

Ask for a quotation without commitment

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